Combi Master

Something more than just a forwarder with a harvester head.

Usewood Combi Master delivers everything what a forest owner needs in a one machine. From brushwood cutting to first thinning, Usewood Combi Master transforms between a harvester, forwarder and a brushwood cutting machine. Individual forest owners can purchase only one machine for their needs, thus reducing young forest management costs. As all other Usewood machines, Combi Master can also be transported with a trailer thanks to it's less-than-3000 kg weight. Low ground pressure and fuel consumption, electrical controls and comfortable safety cabin with heating, air conditioning and radio are de-facto standards to us.

Loading space

Since forwarding, harvesting and brushwood cutting all have very different requirements for the machine, we designed Usewood Combi Master to be able to transform between all of these without compromises. The machine has a hydraulic telescope in it's loading space allowing it to shorten the loading space, increasing the operability and decreasing the steering radius while harvesting and brushwood cutting. This gives the possibility to make narrower harvesting tracks in the forest, minimizing the environmental impact. On the other hand, the operator can extend the telescope while forwarding with a single press of a button from his/her cabin. Usewood Combi Master can transport 4 meter logs without any extra components.


Operator comfortability is the number one factor to us. Easy to use, flexible electronic controls is one thing, but on top of that FOPS & ROPS tested rotating safety cabin gives an unparallel driving experiment in a small forest. When the whole cabin rotates between driving and loading position, the operator has always the best possible visibility and operability at the working direction. The windows are made of polycarbonate, ensuring the safety of the operator when harvesting. Even if the harvester head's saw chain would break, the operator is not in danger inside the cabin. Heating and 3 kW air conditioning makes sure that the temperature is always optimal for comfortable working.


Taking it's power from a thrust worthy 4-cylinder Kubota V1505T turbo diesel engine, the Usewood Combi Master gives enough power for delimbing trees with strong branches while minimizing fuel consumption during the working day. With the aid of our own RECS control system, all 44 horse powers available from the engine can be utilized with minimal power losses. For example in a tight spot the control system can focus all power to the task by only using secondary features, such as an air conditioning's 3 kW compressor, when the operator is not requesting full power from the engine.

Control system

Self designed and developed RCES control system is what we are known for. A small machine has very limited resources which have to be used with care in order to guarantee the best possible efficiency. The control system doesn't only provide a 7" RGB LED touchscreen display for monitoring the condition of the machine but also gives the operator possibility to configure all machine parameters to fit his own driving style. 4 operators can save their own parameters on the machine, making it easy to share a machine with other drivers. RCES control system has also digital fuses, making it able to detect open and short circuits automatically and warning user on the touchscreen display of a misfunction and it's location. This makes electrical problems easy to solve. Good electrical control system is superior in both driving experience as well as in reliability compared to older mechanical controls.

Hydraulic system

Usewood Combi Master uses the same hydraulics as all our other machines. With Bosch Rexroth's LUDV load sensing valves and a 0-130 l variable displacement pump operating the machine is easy and efficient. Big hydraulic pump provides enough oil flow for moving the crane fast from side to side when forwarding or feeding the tree's with enough speed when harvesting. Hydraulic transmission makes forwarding the logs out from the forest a pleasure, while at the same time providing a 12 km/h top speed. Thanks to the RCES control system, we have optimized the hydraulic system to be as simple as possible. Unlike traditional forestry machines with separate hydraulics for driving and crane, we combined these so that the same open-loop hydraulic system takes care of both driving and crane operation. This simplifies the whole system and reduces the count of easy-to-break components, also lowering the need for spare parts.

Technical specifications for Usewood Combi Master:

  • Weight 2500 kg
  • 8x8 driven
  • Width 1,5 m
  • Electrically articulated steering
  • Hydrostatic transmission 0 - 12 km/h
  • Kubota diesel engine V1505T 33 kW (44 hp)
  • Rexroth variable displacement pump 0–130 l/min, 200 bar
  • Rexroth LUDV load sensing hydraulic valves
  • Electrical joysticks and keypads
  • Fuel consumption 3 l/h
  • 24 V electric system
  • Usewood RECS control systems and computer with 7 inch touchscreen
  • Digital fuses
  • CAN-bus based distributed control system
  • Operator specific parameters
  • Powerful LED drive and work lights, 5 x 35 W, total of 175 W
  • Crane lifting capacity 350 kg
  • Safety frame cabin with heating and cooling
  • Possible to use all Usewood qualified tools

Usewood Combi Master