The Usewood Way

Managing seedling stand and young forests is work that requires a great deal of precision. Retaining undamaged growing stock, eliminating harmful coppices, and harvesting energy wood are of equal importance. We have focused on the management of stands and young forests by developing tools and cost-efficient methods specifically designed for this purpose. Our operation is based on the efficient use of small forestry machines and skilled operators.

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Profit Expectations

Forest owners can ensure that their growing seedlings remain robust and bring value in the future by tending to their seedling stands. Eliminating coppices reduces the competition they entail, mechanical damage, and the destruction of pine seedlings caused by moose.

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Rising the value of the forest

The goal in wood production is to raise wood that is marketable and easy to sell. Timely forestry and cost-efficient methods bring income to the owner and, first and foremost, improve the growth conditions of your forest.

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Profit Through Management

We think of forestry as a whole. Our special expertise is crystallised in the management of young forests, and we understand the different goals associated with forest ownership. Whether you are a younger or older forest owner, and whether you wish to ensure the yield and the diversity of your forest or leave your well-managed assets as an inheritance for future generations, we can help you achieve your objective.